• We are often asked, is your indicator a repackaged retail one?
  • How is your system different than XYZ indicator? 
  • Here is a table of some free indicators and how we are different.
  • Look further below for more specific examples.

Isn't this just a Volume Profile Range?

  • Previous day value area high (pdVAH) and low (pdVAL) are strong levels and will occasionally line with our indicator to give confluence/paper trades. 
  • But this is not a regular occurrence and be careful to assume it happens every day.  Market maker algorithms do this to play with your emotions.
  • In this example,  the pdVAL provided little support and our D S3 caught the low.  
  • In this example, the pdVAH was poorly respected while the pdVAL did provide some support. 
  • Look at the move up to D R1 and the swift rejection to D S1.  These energetic moves are driven by MM algos with preset parameters, not retail traders.
  • Once D S1 was hit, a programmed trigger of buys shot price all the way up to D R4.  These movements are not retail driven but rather MM algos designed to stop out retail short and long traders who are unprepared and over-leveraged.  
  • MM algos do this EACH and EVERY day and their footprints are detected by our system.   
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