We have 2 levels in our Discord server:

Free Range Traders: Free to access and engage with other Free Range Traders

True Range Traders: Our premium service available to members with a subscription to any of our paid indicators.  

In our premium Discord server, you will be able to connect with the developers of the True Range Traders system.  Additionally, you will see their technical analysis as well as have access to upcoming educational videos.  As the nature of our group is education only and not a signal service, there will be no financial advice given.  Any trade setups that are presented are for theoretic paper trades only.  

Additionally, premium members can submit their charts for technical analysis and critique.  This is a Discord server to help foster a learning environment of education material that you can use at a later date to provide your own technical analysis of paper trading.  Again, all information in our Discord server is for educational, instructional, and entertainment purposes only, if you have questions please see our disclaimer and terms of use.


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